Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational change and effectiveness is dependent not only on individual and leadership team effectiveness, but on systemic approaches to create healthy and whole organizations. To ensure an integrated approach, Sheryl D. Phillips Consulting provides large-scale organizational services. We assist the client with assessing organizational needs and design appropriate strategies to address the particular needs of the organization. Sample services include:

  • Organizational Assessment and Change Management planning.
    For organizations in the midst of key change, design specific change management strategies to help employees and leaders effectively transition to the future.
  • Leadership Development systems.
    Perform leadership development needs assessment, design leadership competencies, and design leadership development activities linked to competencies.
  • Executive (leadership) Coaching programs.
    Design customized coaching programs for organizations based on the particular needs and culture of the organization. Develop and conduct training, communication and marketing of the program. Retain and manage Certified Professional Coaches to provide all coaching services.
  • Evaluation and redesign of key Human Resource Systems.
    In partnership with other experts, provide strategic evaluation and redesign of key Human Resource systems, such as Learning, Compensation, and Recruitment systems. Also, provide assessment and redesign of the Human Resources function to transition traditional HR departments to a business partner approach to service.

Sheryl and her colleagues are skilled change management consultants. Sheryl has served in this role both internally and as an external consultant for close to 20 years. In her prior work as an executive in large organizations, she was responsible for several key systemic change initiatives, and facilitated the change with multiple stakeholders, including politicians, co-executives and employees. In her current work as an organizational consultant, she advises and facilitates clients in the diagnoses and management of major change and guides the organization through all phases of change management, including assessment, vision and values development, action-planning, facilitation and on-going evaluation.

Resources on Organizational Development

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