Team Effectiveness

The vision, strategic direction and actions of leaders must be aligned for the organization to effectively move into the future. During times of major change, particular attention must be paid to managing the change process and enabling the leaders and staff in the organization to gain new competencies and adapt to the transition. Likewise, newly forming and emerging teams need assistance in defining a shared vision and strategic priorities, adapting to new systems, and defining methods of working together to meet strategic objectives.

Sheryl D. Phillips consulting offers leadership team services, including:

  • Leadership Team Development and Coaching
    Facilitate leadership teams to enhance communication and ways of coordinating action.
  • Strategic and Business Planning
    Assist leadership teams in developing shared vision and values for the team and organization; and in developing strategic and business plans.
  • Whole staff retreats
    Assist leaders in communicating vision, values and strategy to staff and in building a cohesive team.

Resources - Team Effectiveness and Communications

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